Recording Studio

Welcome to the Recording Studio!

Unleash your inner rock star and record your favorite pop song, belt our your best Broadway show tune, or serenade with a sonorous original piece!

Recording sessions are by reservation. Please book your recording studio sessions a minimum of two weeks in advance to allow for the creation of custom background tracks. Call or text Jodie (239) 405-5259 to reserve your preferred day/time.

Take a moment to read the Do and Don’t list before recording to give yourself the best possible session.

Get plenty of sleep
Bring a bottle of room temperature water
Be prepared
Warm up prior
Have your lyrics memorized
Relax and enjoy the process
Have fun and do your best!

Consume too much caffeine
Drink cold beverages
Consume dairy products (ice cream, milk, cheese, etc) 6 hours before singing
Scream/overuse your voice

Price will vary depending on the song, the length of the project, how much studio recording time is needed, etc. Please contact Jodie for a consultation.

The Final Product
Once the recording is finished, an electronic file of the completed song will be emailed to the singer/artist to keep and share.